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It’s easy to find Teresa Forcades in the crowd at Barcelona’s airport. She’s wearing a nun’s habit.

Sister Forcades is Spain’s most famous living nun. She’s a medical doctor with a master’s degree from Harvard. She’s a feminist who’s been reprimanded by the Vatican for supporting abortion rights. She’s a Benedictine nun in a country where the Catholic Church has historically sided with fascists.

And she’s hugely popular.

The Outspoken Spanish Nun Who’s Made Herself A Political Force

Photo: Lauren Frayer for NPR


August 17, 2014 – Spacious East Village Duplex Condo

407 East 12th Street, Apt. 4FNE
East Village, Manhattan, New York
$1,199,000 | 2 Bedrooms | 1.5 Bathrooms | Condo

Welcome home to this insanely charming and bright two bedroom, one and half bath duplex in a well-run boutique condo in the East Village. This apartment exudes a feeling of homeyness with its open kitchen, dining and living area which boasts four windows overlooking a tranquil and extremely quiet courtyard.

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no wonder New Yorkers are so unhappy.  $1.2 mil for a 2 bed/1.5 bath condo with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp?  Jeez…

What we have this morning is no longer the Venezuela story you thought you understood.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting. People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street. And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.

After the major crackdown on the streets of major (and minor) Venezuelan cities last night, I expected some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. I understand that with an even bigger and more photogenic freakout ongoing in an even more strategically important country, we weren’t going to be front-page-above-the-fold, but I’m staggered this morning to wake up, scan the press and find…


The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch

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A Moment in Music History! Today back in 1967, the first issue of the rock periodical Rolling Stone hit the shelves in San Francisco, CA, with a cover featuring John Lennon, in a still from his upcoming movie How I Won The War, and a free roach clip with every issue.

In the very first edition of the magazine, founder and current chief editor Jann Wenner wrote that Rolling Stone "is not just about the music, but about the things and attitudes that music embraces.

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